Scene Hair Styles

Scene Hair Styles

I believe that the most important part of any scene hair tutorial, is to first evaluate all the different scene hair styles that exist out there in order to allow you to pick which one suits you the most, and there is no reason why this one would be any different. Many people seem to think that there is only short scene hair for girls and guys and trust me when I say that this couldn’t be further from the truth. So, bear with me and I shall show you how many different scene hair styles I can come up with in a single post session. Well, I may need to do a follow up on the matter, since there are so many to get them all at once, but that’s a different point.

I have to begin with short scene hair since it does happen to be one of the most dominant scene hair styles. You can either cut your hair short, or if they are already short, then you would just need to shape them up. Short hair styles include, but are not limited to, wavy and choppy haircuts. You can choose to ask your stylist for a choppy scene hair cut or you can even try to do it yourself. If you decide on the latter, then I would recommend checking out our guide on how to do scene hair because you need to keep some basic ideas in mind.

Now let’s move on to long scene hair styles. If you hair is short, then you can still go for such a hair style by getting some scene hair extensions. These come in many different colors in order to allow for your creativity to go wild. Just remember, that in order to do one of those long scene hair styles, you would need to mix at least two different colors. Otherwise, you could just end up with a common hair due that has nothing special or scene about it. The two most popular colors when it comes to long scene hair styles, are black and blonde and that’s for a very good reason. We want to show as much diversity in our hair and using a very dark and a very bright color will have that effect.

Last but not least, we get to medium scene hair. Medium, for the purposes of scene hair styles, basically includes a mix of long and short hair, commonly referred to as bangs. To get the best effect, I would recommend coloring each bang with a different color. (more…)

How to stimulate hair growth. Tips

How to stimulate hair growth. Tips

Whenever you see commercials of any kind of hair product, you just can’t help but sigh. It has always been your dream to sport a long hairdo, but it takes a long time before your hair grows, so you always end up having it trimmed.

There are no secrets to growing the hair fast, but you can definitely stimulate its growth. The average growth of hair is about 1.5 cm per month or a bit more for some people. It all depends on the genes and other factors, such as diet, exercise and lifestyle. While you cannot do anything about the genes, you can focus on the other factors that affect hair growth. Here are some effective tips on how you can make it happen.

1. Make it a habit to massage your scalp.

You can do a bit of the massage every day or perform a thorough one once a week. The goal here is to improve the blood circulation in the scalp, which can help in sending the nutrients to the roots of the hair.

One technique that you can follow in massaging the scalp is by cupping your hair with all your fingers and gently pull it until you feel the tension. You must feel pleasant while doing the massage, so make sure that you do not overdo it, otherwise it is going to be painful.

You can also try the tapping massage. You simply have to put your fingertips on your scalp and begin tapping. Again, you have to be gentle and avoid putting too much pressure to the point that it already hurts. For the massage to be more effective, you can dip your fingers in massage oils that are beneficial to the hair before you begin the process. These oils include coconut, olive oil, jojoba and many more.

You can also let the brush massage your scalp. Apply a few drops of essential oils onto your scalp and begin brushing it. If you have dry hair, it is okay if you don’t rinse it after the massage, but make sure that you wrap it with a soft towel so that the oil won’t get into your covers and pillow case. For those who have normal and oily hair, it is best if you will rinse it before you go to bed.

2. Stay hydrated all the time.

Drink lots of water and as often as necessary. Make sure that your skin does not get dehydrated, or else, this will result in unhealthy hair, which breaks easily and takes a long time to grow. This step is beneficial to your overall health because the fluid works in clearing out the toxins from your system.

3. Lead a healthy lifestyle.

Having too many vices can slow down the growth of your hair. You can indulge on occasional drinking and smoking, but do not make these vices part of your daily routine. Make sure that you are always eating right. Instead of following fad diets, it is better if you are going to choose healthy food items and eat in moderation.

Exercise and sweat it out. Keep yourself in shape and in top form. You must also get enough rest every day. While it is natural to encounter problems, you must never let these circumstances stress you out. Too much worrying can lead to stress, which can affect the hair growth and can even cause hair fall. Deal with your problems, but you must never allow these to get the best out of you.

4. When you shampoo your hair, make sure that it reaches the roots.


Gently massage the shampoo into your scalp before you rinse it. Choose the kind of shampoo with Vitamins A, B, C and E. Apply a deep conditioner once or twice a week. If your hair is often unmanageable, it is recommended that you brush it before you shower. This will help in untangling the hair while spreading the natural oil on your scalp and improving its blood circulation. (more…)

Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Hairstyles for Thick Hair

It is a good idea to learn to create hairstyles for thick hair that you can do yourself at home as going to the hairdresser can become very expensive, so For an exciting new twist on hairstyling, we suggest creating braid styles that can go from the office to a special evening.

Types of Hairstyles

You can make hairstyles for thick hair even easier by following a few simple tips:

* Lay out tools like combs, clips, scrunchies, hairpins, and barrettes before you begin.

* Work with damp hair because it holds together easily.

* Put your hair in a ponytail before beginning.

The English Braid

The best simplest of all hairstyles for thick hair is the English braid. You can fashion a single braid at the back or on the side of your head. Every braid is made of a series of cross-take-tighten-return sequences so that the motions flow naturally. The key to braiding is what happens to the strands of hair not the exact finger and hand positions.

Dutch Braids

The Dutch braid is simply the opposite of an English braid. Begin with a ponytail that is slightly below the top of your head.

1. Divide your ponytail into three strands. Take the left strand between your thumb and first finger. Leave the other three fingers free.

2. Cross the left strand under the center strand. Take the center strand to the left so that the two strands trade places.

3. Now cross the right strand under the center. Take the center strand to the right.

4. Continue crossing the strands alternately under the center until the braid is as long as you want it. Then fasten the end with a fabric covered elastic hair tie.

French Braids

Although appearing more complex, the French braid is actually an English braid with an added step. Start with a thin ponytail skimmed from the top layer of hair. As you braid, gather additional thin sections of hair and add them to the strands of the ponytail. This results in gracefully draped hair on either side of the braid. (more…)