About me

Hey Blossoms,

My name is Sherry and during the day I am an FDNY EMT and all the time in between I am a mother, freelance makeup artist, beauty blogger and beauty vlogger in New York. This blog was originally created as my diary to capture my journey as a freelance makeup artist.  The more I continued to share my knowledge and experiences, the more I realized the demand for it. And thus, Sherry Blossom Beauty  has become an online resource for beauty lovers, makeup enthusiasts, aspiring MUAs and professional makeup artists alike. Sharing the tips, tricks and trips (yes it isn’t all lovely) about living life as a freelance makeup artist and beauty blogger/vlogger while simultaneously juggling being a fashion forward natural hair foodie in the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”…NEW YORK!

My blog is a place where I share all I know and learn along the way. Where links to my Youtube channel videos can be found of events I cover as press, makeup tutorials, product reviews, swatches and so much more. This blog provides loads of pictures of products, my work, behind the scenes on gigs, my natural hair journey, exclusive information from major beauty events, interviews with your favorite makeup gurus, blogging tips/tricks, marketing advice, social media know how, sprinkled with the randomness of a 20 something native NY as she catapults through the bloggersphere.

Join me on this ride. I promise it will be informative and way past fun. I update frequently, your reading itch will be scratched. Feel free to comment as I do respond back….you ready???

Let’s do this!

For PR inquiries, product review consideration, events, sponsorships, press release pitches, and/or bookings email me at sherryblossombeauty@gmail.com

Until Next Time,

Later Blossoms