Canon Rebel T3i blogger sherryblossom get over writers block top 3 tips improve your blog


Hey Blossoms,

Sometimes posts ideas pop up in my head at the most inopportune times. Usually when my hands are full, I’m running rampant and I don’t have a moment to jot it down. Grrrr!

I noticed that when I have free time there are things that I should do, they have helped considerably and so I’m sharing with all of you. So here are 3 Key Things Every Blogger Should Do On Their Free Time:

Canon Rebel T3i blogger sherryblossom get over writers block top 3 tips improve your blog


Think of your blog, think of your readers and then think of yourself as a reader.  Now, begin writing the first things that come to mind. I use Iphone notes for this. I usually end up with a list of random titles, phrases, products, quotes, statements, questions and words. At first, it may not seem helpful, but when I am on the go and I need to think of a great writing topic but don’t have ample time to brainstorm I go back to my notes and I ALWAYS find something to blog about. Those moments I just want to kiss myself…seriously. It’s a time saver and I skip over the pesky moments of writer’s block!


Take photographs of all the things you want to blog about in the future. This is a huge one! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to blog about a product only to realize I didn’t snap photos of it yet. If you are a blogger you know how time consuming taking photos can be. So sadly, those times I’ve had to think of another topic to blog about. With time being of the essence, Tip #1 comes into play.


Write up posts on your blog and save them to draft. No one says that you have to finish it today or even post it today. However, half the battle is done. The post will just be awaiting final touches (minor editing and maybe tweaking a photo or 2) and you can click “Publish” or schedule it to post for a later date. I always have my phone nearby and write on it often. It can be time consuming to email my Iphone notes to myself, copy and paste them and then re-edit the post in WordPress. However, when my laptop is available, I make sure to draft up posts in WordPress. When I’m in a rush these are the first posts I return back to. I call them: Time crunch life savers<—I totally made this up but it’s befitting!

If you find yourself with some free time. Try and tackle at least 1 if not all of them. Simple but effective. I’ll be sharing more blogging tips and tricks. Stay tuned for Pt 2!

So Blossoms, have you tried any of these during your free time?

Until Next Time,

Sherry Blossom

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