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Hey Blossoms,

Twitter is an awesome social media network, connecting people like no other online platform. In a previous post, I expressed what not being on Twitter was like and shared HERE and HERE amazing people you should follow to get you jumped started in building and expanding your network.

Twitter can be the easiest thing in the world to navigate, once you get the hang of it. However, sometimes the simplest things can have bumps in the road. Since Twitter is so vast the bumps can be devastating to one’s brand if not handled accordingly. We tend to focus on solutions to issues as they arise but my belief is the real protection in ones brand is from prevention.

Now how can we translate that into how we interact on Twitter??? Simple…incorporate etiquette.

According to, etiquette means…

1. Conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.

2. A prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters ofceremony,

as at a court or in official or other formal observances.

3. The code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the

members of a profession in their dealings with each other.

So what does this mean? How does this apply on Twitter?

I’ll share with you exactly how to achieve this. Here are 4 sure ways to amp up your Twitter etiquette….

1) “The only dumb question is the one unasked, or the one asked on Twitter instead of being Googled.” Anonoymous

Ok so that quote really isn’t anonymous I just made it up, but it truly strikes a cord in the Twitter world. With only 140 characters per tweet and only 100 tweets allowed per hour (before you are thrown unmercifully into Twitter jail) it’s important to use your tweets wisely. No one wants to spend 5, 10, 20 tweets explaining something that can simply be googled.

If you are unsure about asking a question...STOP!…gather your thoughts on exactly what you want to know, try to find the answer yourself and then if you still need help or are curious of other’s opinions…then ask.

2) Do NOT invite yourself to places, events, gatherings via an intrusive tweet!

Have you ever read something on Twitter and cringed or felt slightly embarrassed at someone’s actions. Now try picturing the same scenario but YOU are the one committing the social media crime. *cue the horror flick scream*

Remember, Twitter is a huge conversation. Sometimes you’ll see a conversation you are interested in joining and I guarantee you’ll see others talking about places, events and gatherings that would interest you too. Nothing is wrong with that. But do NOT, I repeat do NOT invite yourself.

Here is a right and a wrong way to approach wanting to attend something others are tweeting about:


@bloggingfriend: Hey @otherbloggingfriend want to meet up and attend this event later?

@otherbloggingfriend: Sure send me the deets, I’ll definitely be there.

@somerandomtweeter: This sounds like fun. I want to go too! Send me the deets @bloggingfriend @otherbloggingfriend I’ll be there too!

I can promise you that on the other side of that tweet this face is being made..   0_O

This is the correct way to go about showing your interest in attending something.


@bloggingfriend: Hey @otherbloggingfriend want to meet up and attend this event later?

@otherbloggingfriend: Sure send me the deets, I’ll definitely be there.

@somerandomtweeter: Hey good afternoon. This sounds like fun @bloggingfriend @otherbloggingfriend. Is this event open to others? I’d love to find out more.

@bloggingfriend: @somerandomtweeter: Hey! This is actually an open event. Check out for more!

@somerandomtweeter: @bloggingfriend THANKS!

Do not assume that you are entitled to anything that is discussed in your TL. Work on cultivating relationships and understand that there will be things you are interested in that you will not be invited too. Following someone is not an automatic RSVP pass to their life.

3) If you join a random conversation, please be relevant.

You do NOT have to know who you tweet in order to speak to them. The beauty of Twitter is that it connects people that wouldn’t otherwise cross paths. The super charged social networking utility of the world…that’s what Twitter is. Chatting with complete strangers is expected and encouraged. However, do not chat just to chat. Be sure to be relevant in EVERY conversation you enter. Whether someone tweets you first or you join in a random conversation. There is nothing worse than jumping into a conversation and not adding a thing to it.

To many blind tweets (tweets of random nothingness) will have you ousted, black listed and possibly blocked. Why???!,  you make ask. Honestly, it’s annoying. Following the timelines of hundreds even thousands of people takes skill, time and patience. No one wants to follow anyone who seems to hardly make sense in a conversation or uses Twitter to tweet about the silliest things (TMI if you’ve ever told Twitter that you are about to clear your colon in a public restroom!) Make sure that your tweets are not filling others timelines with nonsense. If you are conversing in a group stay on topic. If you must go on a tangent be sure it relates to the topic.

4) Address your followers, whether they tweet you or not.

It’s easy to become “clicky” on Twitter. There will always be those people who you follow and who follow you that seem to always tweet. We can get swept up in their hilarious commentary, great advice and engaging conversations, before we know it we are tweeting those same people constantly. To us, there isn’t a problem: conversation is conversation right?

Well look at it this way. Would you attend a major event, only to walk up to someone you “know” and stay glued to them the entire night not interacting with anyone else?? Well think of Twitter the same way. There will always be those we find it easier to chat with. If people are taking the time to follow you and/or tweet you be sure to do your best to respond back. From time to time even send out a shout out to your followers. Let them know they can chat with you. Remember, there are millions of people they could choose to follow on Twitter and they chose you.

In conclusion, as adults we have to be on our best behavior and understand the rules of our environments, even if our “environment” is online.  Twitter can be your very best friend or your worse nightmare. Keep yourself and your brand out of harms way. Be sure to always incorporate these 4 sure ways to amp up your Twitter etiquette. Stay tuned for Part 2 and the upcoming series that will break down how to maximize your brand and reach on Twitter…trust you do NOT want to miss it!

twitter etiquette, sherry blossom, twitter, bloggers, improve, reach, netowork, influence, dos, donts, steps, ways, how to
So Blossoms, what other ways could one amp up their Twitter etiquette?
Until Next Time,
Later Blossoms

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