Veterinarians for Cats Only

Though there are very few vet offices which focus solely on cats, you can definitely find one. Since cats are vastly different than dogs or any other pet, it is going to be best to find a vet who is highly experienced with cats as their area of expertise. Much like when you need to see a specialist for a medical problem, the cats can go to one as well. You will also find clinics that do help all animals, but has a special area of focus for cats.

Get all of the medical care for your cat at a location such as this. For vaccinations, spay and neutering, other medical needs and surgeries, cat specialists can do it all just right for any cat. For example, in surgery with cats, a special cat anesthesia is needed. Sometimes it may be the same as that which is used for dogs but other times those may be fully unsuitable. Another aspect of the anesthesia for cats is that cats do have a different metabolism than other animals and the dose needs to be tailored to the animal.

Finding this level of cat care is going to be easy in most cities. If you don’t know where to look, check out some resources online. Also look at reviews for the vets you do find. Usually, you will discover that all of these vets have a good reputation. Maybe not all of them, but almost all of them – they didn’t get to where they are by performing bad medicine on animals.

cat anesthesia

If you want, you can go to the clinic and actually interview the vet. This is usually acceptable because both you and the specialist want the best for your cat. Write down your questions first so you don’t miss any and reflect on some of the reviews as well.