Horse Jumps That Are Safe For Both Kids & Their Horses

Horse jumps will be accompanied by guiding cups. These cups will usually be used when training obstacles on a showjumping terrain need to be used. They are beacons that aid both rider and horse with trotting, galloping and turning maneuvers. And, of course, the horse jumps will be used for just that; jumping, and hopefully for show once both horse and rider have trained well and are both well prepared, physically and mentally.

It should go without saying that the kids horse jumps will be substantially smaller than the adult sized ones. But so too will the riding horse be smaller. It is usual to make use of a colt that has been prepared for horseback riding, becoming accustomed to both human contact and the machinations of having a firm saddle attached to its back. For recreational purposes mainly, it is not unusual to see kids ride small ponies instead.

kids horse jumps

If the child is to be a keen and serious rider into adult years, it’s not uncommon for the country-bred girl or boy to build a lifelong attachment with a single horse. Horses, given their majestic (adult) size are surprisingly docile creatures and are astute at forming close relations with its rider. Never regard rider as master (or mistress, as the case may be) but rather as a companion. Whilst in training and into competition, it is absolutely essential that extra care be taken over the child’s safety and, for that matter, the horse’s safety as well.

Injuries during formative years for both horse and child will take longer to heal. And if no proper care and custody is given to the horse’s wellbeing, injuries can be particularly debilitating, if not, life-threatening. Enjoy your riding and do take care.