Child Haircut Preparation

Child Haircut Preparation

The “How to Cut Kids’ Hair Video” is designed not only to teach you how to successfully cut your child’s hair, but to build your confidence by taking you through the process of learning from an actual child haircut, from start to finish.

Your child’s home haircut begins with simple haircut preparation to insure your success.

Make sure that your child is ready; spend the days and moments before the haircut begins preparing you child for the haircut. Develop some excitement about the haircut and it will give you a chance to address any fears that might arise. But don’t tell them so much that they can wiggle their way out of it. In essence prepare them and then spring it on them so that they can’t get out of it.

Gather things that will keep your child occupied, a video, a new toy, a brother or sister, someone to read a book, a favorite snack or allow them to bring a favorite stuffed animal for comfort

Important Tip – What is the best hairstyle for a beginner?

Your goal should not be to create a “hairstyle” for you child, that can come sometime in the future when you and your child have it all figured out like peanut butter and jelly. Till then your job is to get in, get cutting and get out before your child melts down. Figure out what you want to do. “I want it short in the back to just above the collar and trim up the sides to cover about half the ear and straighten up the front to about an inch above the eyebrows, but not too long.” That is a very realistic and achievable goal. Now go do it.

Decide on your goal for the haircut before you begin. Be realistic in the type of hairstyle you want. If your child is very young or doesn’t tend to sit still opt for a simple haircut or maybe break it down into the first part of a multi-day haircut. You should plan on a haircut taking ten to fifteen minutes; any greater display of patience displayed by your child would make them a contender for sainthood. Therefore, go through what you are going to do during the haircut and imaging where you will be after five minutes so that you can monitor your progress, if you don’t finish before your child does relax, stop and finish the next day. You want this to be a pleasure for your child so keep that bigger picture in mind so that the next time you cut their hair you are both looking forward to it.

Plan on giving the haircut when you know your child will be rested. Take your child’s schedule into consideration. Don’t put off or skip nap time for small children in order to get their haircut. Instead a time when they will be well rested, fed, comfortable and more likely to cooperate and enjoy themselves.

Style tips

Focus on the big picture when designing a hair style for your child. Key things to remember are that in the course of a typical day your child will run around, roll in the grass and inevitably put their hair through a lot more abuse that you would. So pick a style that is wash-and-go and still looks good after a day of being a kid.

Important Tip – Why fight the tangles?

Depending on the age of your child it may be best to so you and your child a favor and keep the hair short enough to making combing it an opportunity to enjoy your child rather than wrestling out their tangles. A little bit of leave in conditioner will help the tangles too.

It is recommended to cut you kids hair in a room with hard floors, such as the kitchen, because it is easier to sweep rather than vacuum hair clippings. Small kids younger than two can also be given a quick clip in the bath as they probably don’t have that much hair to begin with and they are quite distracted.

That concludes a brief description of child haircut preparation tips for giving your child a picture perfect haircut.
Now onto the next section, Kid’s Haircut Step-by-Step Instruction Guide.


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