Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Hairstyles for Thick Hair

It is a good idea to learn to create hairstyles for thick hair that you can do yourself at home as going to the hairdresser can become very expensive, so For an exciting new twist on hairstyling, we suggest creating braid styles that can go from the office to a special evening.

Types of Hairstyles

You can make hairstyles for thick hair even easier by following a few simple tips:

* Lay out tools like combs, clips, scrunchies, hairpins, and barrettes before you begin.

* Work with damp hair because it holds together easily.

* Put your hair in a ponytail before beginning.

The English Braid

The best simplest of all hairstyles for thick hair is the English braid. You can fashion a single braid at the back or on the side of your head. Every braid is made of a series of cross-take-tighten-return sequences so that the motions flow naturally. The key to braiding is what happens to the strands of hair not the exact finger and hand positions.

Dutch Braids

The Dutch braid is simply the opposite of an English braid. Begin with a ponytail that is slightly below the top of your head.

1. Divide your ponytail into three strands. Take the left strand between your thumb and first finger. Leave the other three fingers free.

2. Cross the left strand under the center strand. Take the center strand to the left so that the two strands trade places.

3. Now cross the right strand under the center. Take the center strand to the right.

4. Continue crossing the strands alternately under the center until the braid is as long as you want it. Then fasten the end with a fabric covered elastic hair tie.

French Braids

Although appearing more complex, the French braid is actually an English braid with an added step. Start with a thin ponytail skimmed from the top layer of hair. As you braid, gather additional thin sections of hair and add them to the strands of the ponytail. This results in gracefully draped hair on either side of the braid.


This classic style often pictured on cameo jewelry is an appealing formal look that requires fairly long hair. A simple bun is the basis of this selection of hairstyles for thick hair. You can use a doughnut shaped nylon mesh foundation to create a perfect chignon. Complete the style by English braiding the loose section of hair and wrapping it around the bun.

How to Manage Thick Hair?

Avoid using hot water to prevent damage like split ends. Rinse your hair with cold water.

Use hot oil treatments to help protect your hair and keep it manageable.

Regular hair trimming allows your hair to feel and look healthier.

Using conditioner protects thick hair from root to tip.

Gentle baby shampoos safeguard from harsh chemicals found in some hair care products.

Over processing or dyeing your hair can strip it of natural oils.

Cover up your hair with a cap when swimming in a chlorinated pool to keep the chlorine from damaging your hair.

Your beautiful hairstyles for thick hair also need protection from saltwater, overexposure to the sun, and air pollution by wearing a hat when possible.

Drinking lots of water is the best way of providing good moisture for thick hair.

Braiding hairstyles for thick hair are easily learned and mastered with a little patience and practice. Once you learn the basics, creating both simple and elaborate types of hairstyles becomes effortless. Do not be discouraged if your first few attempts are less than perfection!







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