Disguise Thinning Hair

How to Disguise Thinning Hair

Losing hair is a big problem not only to women but also to men.  It’s dramatically a severe case in the socio-emotional area of a person.  Who would want to lose hair?  Definitely, no one!  Although the hair is not the only thing that makes a person wonderful, but it adds to the beauty of a person.  It gives glamour to the person especially for women.

Sadly, there are just inevitable cases that a person starts to lose hair.  There are people that can be save through medicines or surgery.  But others just can’t work.  As a result, people with no chance of growing their hair just accept the fact that they will eventually lose their hair.

Disguise It!

Good news that today, there are many ways to disguise your thinning hair.  If medicines, lasers, or transplant will not work for you, might as well hide it.  In this way, you will bring that confidence in you because it will not be obvious that you are losing hair.  You will not be shy to mingle with friends and just go around places because it feels like and looks like you still have that thick and beautiful hair.

Hair Color

Here are some tips on how you can disguise your hair.  First is, you can try changing the color of your hair.  Try something light.  Dark colors will make your hair look thin.  Your scalp will definitely be seen because your hair is dark.  So try a shade of two or three lighter than your original hair color.  This will hide your thinning hair.

Cut It!

Next, you can layer your hair.  This will give an illusion that you have thick hair.  Ask your stylist to cut your hair in a layered style if changing your hair color will not work for you.  You can try different style techniques for your hair to add more volume.  Try to ask your stylist on what hairstyle suits you and go for it.

Add More Volume

Another thing that you can try to disguise that thinning hair is adding more volume to your hair.  You can use products that adds volume to the hair.  It can be a shampoo,   a conditioner, or any styling product that will help you in hiding that thinning hair.  You can try it out and see its wonderful effects to your thinning hair.  More volume to the hair makes your hair look thicker.

Be Trendy!

If you really have that damage hair and there seems to be no solution, try to accessorize.  You can try some scarf or headband to hide your hair while you work on it.  You can have some trendy styles and be confident.

Color the Scalp

If the thinning of your hair is really obvious, you can try coloring your scalp.  If coloring your hair won’t work then find some spray that is the same color as your hair.  In this way, people will look at your hair without noticing that it is just a spray.

There are still many ways on how you can work out those thinning hair.  Imagine and be stylish.  You can have that trendy look even if you have problems in your hair.


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