Kids Haircut

Kids Haircut Step-by-Step Guide

Kid’s Haircut Step-by-Step
Lets begin. First make sure that you have all your tools at the ready and reachable.
Important Tip – take a look at the How to Cut Your Kid’s Hair Check List

Start by combing the hair to remove any tangles. Your child will be less likely to enjoy their haircut if the first ten minutes is spent trying to brush out knots and tangles. I would recommend doing this before the official haircut begins so that you start with a clean slate.

Dampening the hair is the next step. Mist the hair only where you will begin cutting, at the back of the head, hold the hair in your hand and mist into your palm because young children won’t like getting their scalp soaked. So mist as you go. Don’t over wet the hair; just damp enough to give you some control over the hair. Wet hair is easier to cut, as it tends to stick together, is more manageable and also becomes more dense and easier to see cut lines.

Grab the scissors and get ready to cut. Starting at the neckline, comb the hair you will cut first to form the bottom neckline. Have your child tilt his head down so that you have clear access to trim along the neckline.
Start by combing the hair down and then reach the comb under the hair and comb up and towards you. Place your middle finger horizontally under the hair and clasp it with you index finger. Rest your fingers on the back of the neck and begin to cut a straight line using your fingers as a guide.
Next repeat this process to both the right and left to make a clean line across the back for the hair.
Pay special attention to getting the hairs that grow out directly from the back of the head where you place you fingers, as these are the first to grow out and become unsightly first.

For this next cut you will be working your way towards the front of the head by cutting new hair to match the mark made by the previous cut.
Start like before by combing the hair down and then up towards you and without gathering any of the hair you have previously cut, comb the hair between you middle and index fingers so that when you make your cut it will begin where the former cut ended.
Take your time, if you are unsure leave it longer than you think, make your cut and then evaluate and cut more if necessary.
Cut the left and right sides.
Congratulations the back of the head is now complete.

Next we you will cut the hair over the ear.
Start by giving the hair a combing straight down
Determine the length that you want the hair over the ear. It can be above the ear or cover the ear a bit. If you are not sure cut it a bit longer and then evaluate.
Comb the hair between you fingers as you have been doing at the length you wish and cut straight across in a horizontal line, using your fingers as a guide.
Comb the hair down and carefully trim any parts that are not in line. It might be a good idea to remind your child to sit still and be extra cautious with the tips of the scissors.
Now blend the sides and the back by together, by again combing the hair down and a little bit towards the ears and grab the hair between your middle and index fingers as before and make the cut using your fingers as a guide. You may need to round the corners a bit on the style line but don’t recut it all.

Ready for the bangs.
This cut is the most important cut of the day. Note that when the hair dries it will be shorter than it is now being wet and combed straight down. Therefore error on the side of leaving the hair too long. If after all is said and done in an hour from now or sometime next week, it will only take a second to shorten the bangs.
As you have been doing choose the desired length and comb the hair down in between your middle and index fingers. Be sure that your fingers rest on the forehead so that the finished cut will be straight.
When cutting the bangs “tip into” the hair so that the bangs fall softer on the forehead and are not one straight line.
This is clearly demonstrated on the “How to Cut Kid’s Hair” video.


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